BLADE Helicopters Introduces $270 JFK to Manhattan Transfers

While Uber Chopper might just be a one-off annual party trick here in Australia, it’s common knowledge that everything is bigger in the USA and this BLADE helicopters transfer service is no exception.

Fortunately, with such a large scale operation customers are rewarded with very achievable prices, as is the case with ‘BLADE Continuous’ – a 5-minute helicopter transfer option to and from John F. Kennedy Airport and downtown Manhattan.

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The largest provider of helicopters for charter in the United States, BLADE helicopters operate as a charter broker as opposed to a direct air carrier. Flights between NYC’s transport hub and the island city operate non-stop every weekday from 7AM until 7PM.

For those travelling to the airport, they’ll be greeted at the BLADE Lounge West at the West 30th Street Heliport. The flight will take approximately 5 minutes and will be met at the JFK heliport by complimentary ground transportation to ferry you to your desired terminal. A similar itinerary operates in the opposite direction, with a car waiting to pick you passengers from their arrival terminal.

Other options JFK passengers have for travel include the Subway, AirTrain and a variety of taxi and town car services. As appealing as a quick chopper ride might sound, these alternatives might still be better suited to the express high-flyer given BLADE’s tight luggage restrictions.

Currently, only a single, 20 pound (9 kilogram) bag is permitted per person onboard the helicopter, although luggage can be dropped off for separate transfer prior to your flight (before 8 am for evening flights).

The short Blade helicopters hop is charged at a flat rate of $195 USD one-way per person. Find out more about the service and Blade schedule here.

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