Review: Emirates A380 Business Class – Dubai to Madrid

Boarding Pass:

Flight Number: EK141Route: DXB-MADRID (Page with all codes) Evergreen
Date: 13 Jan 2019
Depart: 07:25
Flight time: 7hrs 30min
Aircraft: Airbus A380-800
Lounge: First Class Lounge Terminal A


Lounge & Boarding

Boarding: Gate A1

Arriving in Terminal A and boarding at gate A1, which you can do directly from the First Class lounge, makes boarding in Dubai an absolute breeze. After a quick shower and sashimi platter in the lounge I passed through an empty gate, took the elevator to level two for upper deck boarding and straight into the Business Class Cabin.

Champagne: Veuve Cliquot and Moet Rose

Seat: 11K

Seat & Seat Selection

If you’re travelling alone, seat 11K is about as good as it gets on the Emirates A380. Sure the bulkheads offer a touch more width for your legs if you’re sleeping but they can be loud and the constant movement of the curtains sectioning of the galleys can be frustrating. If I can get one, I always choose a seat next to a window as it’s more secluded than the alternating seats. You’ve also got far more storage space in the tubs under the windows.

Good Flight Tip: The seats closest to the window are also better for sleepers who like to sleep on their stomach and poke a knee out because it won’t be hanging out in the aisle.  

In Flight Entertainment

Despite being multi-award winning, and well regarded I find ICE’s offering always a tad lacklustre, especially in the TV box sets department. I managed to capture a bit of live football en route to DXB, which I always find good fun and on this flight watched Matthew McConaughey’s new film White Boy Rick, which is great, and all of Ballers Season 4 (shit’s heating up with Spence!) because I’d slept for 10 hours the flight before. I noticed that their ‘Film Club’ picks hadn’t been updated since the last time I flew in November 2018 which I think is a huge ball drop. Outside of choice, I can’t fault the screen, it’s a cracker.

Food & Drink

Welcoming me as I got acquainted with the seat was a choice of two Champagnes, Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label and a Moet Rose. I’ve flown this route a number of times and although it’s not on the menu, the Moet Rose has been offered on a handful of occasions. It’s a far nicer drink than both the Veuve and the original Moet which is the only Champagne on offer on the SYD-DXB leg. It’s also rarer and more expensive so take advantage of it while it lasts.

I ate breakfast in the Emirates First Class lounge so declined the Continental breakfast after takeoff. If I’d known lunch service was going to be five hours later I definitely would have snacked on something – instead, I opted for a Chicken Tikka Roll from the bar area to tide me over, which was yum. For lunch, I chose the Arabic Mezze entree, which they’ve started serving on a much nicer plate, followed by the Lemon Chicken paired with a Dreissigacker Wunderwerk Riesling 2015 and Chateau Lynch-Moussas 2006 Bordeaux respectively. The food was unusually impressive and the wine equally as good. Instead of indulging in the Graham’s 1994 Single Harvest Port and cheese board, I had the fruit – I guess there’s first time for everything.

Good Flight Tip: If the cabin crew served the Moet Rose pre-take off but it’s not on display in the bar, just ask for it. If they have any in the galley they’ll serve it. Also if you’re at the bar, ask the person behind if they’ve got anything special tucked away. I’ve enjoyed a number of First Class whiskies by asking.


The service didn’t standout in any way, although I don’t think it ever does on Emirates. Chatted to a nice chap about his Breitling Superocean as he poured me wine but otherwise it was just a run of the mill service.

Good Flight?

I couldn’t fault anything about today’s flight.

When I’m flying I try to work out who has been there before and who is


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